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Summer Photo Shoot

LINK Necklaces | Getting ready for photo shoot

Time for a beach and summer photo shoot to highlight all the new necklace pendants we added to our jewelry collection. As Rye is a beach town we didn't have to travel far. 🏖️🌊

The weather was stunning. Warm, but not humid. I treasure those gorgeous summer days. This was our third photoshoot with friend and model Shoko. We are so grateful that she continues to help out our online jewelry business!

We are getting the hang of prepping for photoshoots and also more efficient now in swapping silver and gold chains, and bundling necklace pendants and necklace charms. Shoko doesn't know what's she is showcasing till she sees the photos 😂 📷

Our pendants and charms look even more stunning when the sunlight hits it. A joy to photograph and Shoko is such an amazing model! We also did a few videos this time which we will be using for our Instagram account and the creation of ads.

Now on to the editing of all the photos, adding them to the website and selecting a few to create Instagram posts. 🖼️ A creative process from beginning till end. Love it! ❤️


LINK Necklaces | Getting ready for the photoshoot

LINK Necklaces | Adding necklace pendant and necklace charm to gold chain

LINK Necklaces | More necklace pendants and necklace charms

LINK Necklaces | gold necklace with necklace pendant

LINK Necklaces

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