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Designing new pendants is one of the best parts of owning and running a jewelry store! It's exciting to finally hold the pendant in your hand that started as a sketch on a piece of paper. Most of our stone pendants are handmade by our artisans in India, and they are amazing.❤️Each stone is cut, shaped and faceted by hand before being set in a bezel or wired (depending on the design).

LINK Necklaces | Process of stone pendants being made by hand


It's easy to forget how many skilled hands have touched the link pendant before it can sparkle on one of our link chains. Hands with hours of practice to get it to match the shape, thickness and size on our drawing. Every single time! They are currently making our gold Garnet graduation pendants. We will share details once we receive them!  


We love each and every link between our jewelry design sketches, the late night and early morning coordination via text (due to time zone difference), the photos of pendants to keep us up to date of the progress, and the office manager carefully packing each pendant to make sure it arrives without a scratch. It makes opening the package with newly designed pendants a mini private jewelry party each and every time! 🎉  

And what makes our link pendants such a special jewelry gift! Affordable, fashionable jewelry. 

This week we added our newly designed stone teardrop pendants to our collection. Natural stone smooth teardrops and hydroquartz teardrops set in a gold or silver bezel. They are truly eye-catching pendant beauties! We love them bundled with one of our charms and layered with our rosary chains. All part of our affordable jewelry brand. ✨

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