Our Passion & Drive

Our passion and drive? Creating gorgeous, finely crafted, versatile, timeless jewelry that can be cherished for life and worn in multiple ways. We take meticulous care in the design and crafting of all our pieces so you can fall in love with each and every one of them. And we love for you to wear your treasures daily! Our pieces are swappable to match different occasions, moods and colors. Our necklaces can be worn short or long, pendants can be bundled and tassels can be added. It really goes with everything! It is your style, your look, your love.

It is a love centered around our closure. Our closures are gorgeous in itself and the key to creating your style and your look. So go ahead...

1. Choose your LINK necklace

2. Pick your LINK closure

3. Add a LINK pendant or link your own

LINK Necklaces by Cecilia Jewel: 
Unique, hand-crafted, timeless treasures for life


Cecilia Jewel

Cecilia started refining her jewelry making skills in 2002. Ever since her pieces have been inspired by nature, cultures, people, religion, laughter, cooking, dogs, family, and children. The wide variety of pieces in our store include many pieces of art Cecilia made since 2002. Cecilia was born and raised in Ireland before settling in the USA with her husband where she still lives with her four children and two dogs.

Boukje (Bowkia or B)

Boukje was born an organizer, planner and communicator. She loves to create and gets things done and she is always up for a challenge. When Cecilia was looking for a partner to truly launch a jewelry store she jumped right in. She is determined to make their venture a success. Boukje was born in The Netherlands and also lived in Kuwait, London and Singapore. She has now settled in the USA with her husband, four children and two cats.