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How to get a perfect photo for our website | Light Box Day!

How to get a perfect photo for our website | Light Box Day!

We add new pendants to our store on a regular basis and we are thrilled each time we finally get to hold them in our hands. We jump in front of the mirror and start linking, bundling and swapping with our chains, charms and pendants. We usually end up with a different favorite necklace look. 💖

The biggest challenge is to capture the beauty of a jewelry piece on a photo. 📷We have an amazing jewelry lightbox (the Gemlightbox) with several different display options. Including an aerial set. Photographing a link chain necklace is the hardest, but today I had a stunning turquoise pendant in my hands. It's funky shape was a challenge. This beauty definitely needs a video to showcase its true sparks. 📽️✨   


The next step is adding this new link pendant to our store so you can go ahead and order one! I think it looks amazing with our diamond link chain necklace and our large gold north star charm.⭐💎

I will keep you posted on our small business journey to become part of the best affordable jewelry brands. 🌞😊


LINK Necklaces | Funky Turquoise pendant for charm holder
LINK Necklaces | Turquoise pendant with diamond shaped link chain necklace and gold north star charm on charm holder


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