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Are you a passionate, entrepreneurial ambassador who loves a lucrative side gig? Do you think your customer base would love beautiful, fun and versatile jewelry? If yes to both and if you have an existing social media following or run your own business, we’d love to link up!  Increase your earnings in a fun and easy way by partnering with us.

Send us an email or DM us for more information! 


Join our Affiliate Program and leverage your social media profile, blog or website by creating a passive income through our LINK Necklaces store. Earn 20% of every sale. Whether you’re a student, a stay-at-home mom or you just have a ton of stylish friends, why not become a LINK Necklaces affiliate and make some extra money. 

It’s easy!
Simply share your unique affiliate link to your social media post, website or blog and whenever someone clicks on that link and buys something from our store (any time within 30 days) you’ll earn money.

It’s completely free to join
You drive sales, we pack and ship the products, you sit back and watch your money grow.! You even earn commission on your own orders! CLICK HERE TO JOIN

Why partner with us?

  • Make 20% commission (exc. shipping and taxes) on every sale from your referrals
  • Cookie: 30 days. This means that if any of your website users, blog readers or followers purchase from LINK Necklaces via your affiliate link within 30 days of clicking - you automatically earn 20% commission for each sale.
  • Average Sale: $80
  • Recruit others and earn 30% commission on their commission every time they make a sale.
  • You get commission on your own orders.
  • Get newsletter on our updates, promotions, contests, and sales opportunities.
  • Once you are approved, you will have access to all our links, logos and banners.

How do I track commissions 
Once you become an affiliate, you can log in to your personal affiliate dashboard. There you can view your sales statistics including paid and unpaid referrals, the number of visits from your affiliate link, conversion rate, and your paid and unpaid earnings.

How do I get commissions?
Commissions are paid twice a month. On the 1st and 15th of every month we will send your earnings directly to your PayPal account. 



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