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Jewelry Storage Box

  • $9.00

Treat your jewelry with love and care, and they'll keep sparkling for you for a long time. Our costume jewelry is crafted with plated metals creating a similar look and style as fine jewelry, but without the high cost of solid gold and diamonds. A stunning look made affordable and guilt-free. ;)

You can extend their longevity with proper care. Keep your pieces dry, and keep them from tarnishing over time by storing them in this little box. We've found that it simply does the trick best, even for our sterling silver pieces.

How quickly costume jewelry tarnishes depends on a number of factors:  the way you care for them, your skin composition, and the air around you. Air causes metal to oxidize, and this storage container keeps the air out as much as possible.

For ultimate protection store your pendants and small chains in the included small ziploc bags. Make sure to get rid of as much air as possible before sealing it. Place the ziploc bags in the storage box together with the included anti-tarnish strip. This simple storage container is a true care-taker and is also perfect for travelling.

- Transparent storage box 3" square
- 2 anti-tarnish strips
- 3 small plastic bags

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